Yeeepawww, Hot-Diggity-Dog! It’s summertime.

The weather forecast for this summer is calling for hotter than average temperatures for much of the US as they are trending hotter than in the past years. Is your dog ready for these hot days of summer?

Here are hot weather dog tips for getting ready for the Dog Days of summer.

Dogs can suffer from heat strokes very quickly when exposed to high summer temperatures. Temperatures above 100 with high humidity can be detrimental to your furbabies health. Dogs can’t sweat thru their skin like humans. …

(originally published on the Always Essential Dogs Blog)

Dog VS Squirrel!

Key Points

  • A fascination with the movement of small critters is part of dogs’ predatory heritage.
  • Distraction training and impulse control are good ways to channel critter obsession.
  • Dog sports like Earthdog and Barn Hunt offer ways for dogs to safely sniff out critters.

There’s often no quicker way to get a dog’s attention than a squirrel sneaking across the yard. Lots of dogs love squirrels, birds, rabbits, and other small critters. Patrolling the backyard for their presence is a favorite pastime. …

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